2010 Project Count

I’ve been sifting through the All-America City projects for the 2010 finalists. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

The big winner was projects that improve recreation opportunities for community members. Many of these were related to parks. There were nine in all.

Seven projects to improve education. This was predictable. At least one project for each community has to be about youth.

There were six projects focused on downtown revitalization—still a big issue for communities. Five projects were focused on economic development and job creation. No surprise there, given the economy. Or, perhaps, I might have expected more. There were five projects to foster various forms of civic engagement. Five for neighborhood revitalization.

Four projects were related to health care and healthier communities. Four related to technology—three of which came from one community.

Three for affordable housing. Three focused on diversity and inclusion. Three planning projects.

Only two for environmental sustainability, which was a surprise. I would have expected more. Two for the arts. Two to ease traffic and two focused on public safety.

More on the 2010 projects in a later post.

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