North Miami, Florida receives 2010 All-America City Award from NCL Board Vice Chair Elizabeth Hollander

Miguel Seco, Governmental Affairs Manager for the City of North Miami, served as delegation captain of the “Fantastic Four” from North Miami, Florida, at the 2010 All-America City Awards.  He had this to say about his All-America City experience:

How I wish I could still be in Kansas City!

I miss Rancho Cordova, and Gastonia, and Scott County.

I have done a lot of peer review panels where you present your project, and you get a score, and you are ranked, and you get your dollars, and you go home.

This was absolutely nothing like that.

All-America City was truly the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my professional life.  I honestly believe, I feel it in my heart, that I left a different person from the person that arrived…carrying a fire back to my community…to bring people together civilly, civically, humbly.  And I know that the friendships forged with staff, and board members, and the people from our sibling cities will remain with us forever.

Thank you and thank you again for a most unforgettable experience.

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