124 Years and Counting

By Mayor Steve Hogan

2018 marks the 124th year of the National Civic League. The League traces its roots back to, among others, future President Theodore Roosevelt, and Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis. As we approach our 125th anniversary, more will be shared about our origins, our work, and our involvement in the future.

As the Mayor of Aurora, Colorado (approximately 375,000 residents), I am honored to be the Chair of the Board of Directors in 2018. Many people are aware of the All-America City program offered by the League each year (with literally hundreds of American cities so honored, Aurora included in 2008), but many are not aware of our others interests and initiatives.

Sadly, this is an era in which everything is partisan at the federal level, resulting in gridlock on items even as basic as building highways. That same attitude is now appearing at many state legislatures. The National Civic League continues to advance the need for honest, open discussion on civic engagement, the critical role of cities in 21st Century America, and how we become more inclusive in our diversity, rather than more divided and exclusive.

Please consider joining me in Denver, Colorado this June 22nd, when the League hosts the 2018 National Conference on Local Governance, where we will discuss health, education and community-police relations, along with our role in this time. The conference with be followed by the 2018 All-America City awards.

See you in Denver!

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