All-America City Award 2017

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In 2017, NCL is proud to be partnering with the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading for the All-America City Awards.  In 2012, NCL and CGLR partnered to make that year's All-America City Awards the kick-off for the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading's 10 year effort.  For 2017, we will again be working with CGLR to celebrate communities that are leading the way on grade-level reading efforts.

The 2017 awards will look different from the ‘classic All-America City Awards.’ They will be highly focused on the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading's - four solution areas (see below).  In 2017, winners will be communities that have made measurable progress for low-income children on the key drivers of early reading success.  Winning applications will:

  • School Readiness – More children from low-income families ready for school and developmentally on track, or fewer children entering kindergarten with undetected, undiagnosed, and untreated conditions or delays that can impede learning.
  • School Attendance – More children from low-income families attending school regularly or fewer children chronically absent because of manageable health challenges such as asthma and preventable ones such as tooth decay.
  • Summer Learning – More children from low-income families maintaining or increasing their reading levels over the summer.
  • Grade-Level Reading – More children from low-income families reading at or above grade-level at the end of first, second, and third grade.

2. Address the National Civic League’s key criteria

  • Civic Engagement and Collaboration — comprehensive citizen/resident engagement in decision making and action planning, cross-sector collaboration (business, local government, nonprofits, military, etc.) and regional collaboration.
  • Inclusiveness and Diversity — recognition and involvement of diverse segments and perspectives (ethnic, racial, socioeconomic, age, sexual orientation, gender expression, people with disabilities and others) in community decision making.

**Bonus Points**Awarded for communities that have a plan for sustainability and for deepening the impact and scale of proven and promising programs, practices, and strategies

Learn more about the Campaign and the 2017 awards here:

Moving Forward

The 2018 awards will be a return to the ‘classic All-America City Awards’ and will have a similar application to 2016, which you can view here for reference:

Stay up-to-date on the latest AAC news and information: As mentioned above, the 2017 All-America City Awards are specifically focused on community performance in ensuring all children are reading at grade-level. We know that many communities are doing great work on a host of other topics. The 2018 All-America City Award will be a return to the more standard application and process. Please sign up below to receive updates and information about the 2018 application and timeline.

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A sample of presentations from the 2012 AAC Awards
(focused on Grade-Level Reading)
Louisville, KY

Worchester, MA

Baltimore, MD