Summit to Rethink Citizen Engagement in Budgeting

The National Civic League is excited to be participating in GFOA’s Rethinking Public Engagement Summit, which runs November 7-10, completely online. This summit brings together local government officials, civic technologists, and leading thinkers about public engagement from across the country. We’ll examine some of hottest topics around public engagement. Below are just a few examples:

  • Local governments are swamped with information about what the public wants. This includes public meetings, social media, and more. How can we make sense of these sources of public information and turn that information into wisdom for better decision-making?
  • Skepticism of expertise is widespread, meaning the public is less likely to defer to the expertise of local government officials. How can we bring together the public and experts in a way that gets the most from the different perspectives of each?
  • Today’s information environment allows people to define their own reality. Bad actors complicate this through pollution of the information environment with mis- or disinformation. How can we navigate a fraught information environment and build a shared understanding of complex issues?

The event offers a series of discounts to allow participation at a price you can afford and is underwritten by the Government Finance Officers Association, a 100+ year old organization of over 22,000 members that is committed to high quality local government.

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