Senior Fellows Enhance League’s Expertise

National Civic League is home to 10 senior fellows with diverse expertise who are available to contract with your community, city, business, or organization to bring you to that next level. We leverage our senior fellows along with our staff to inspire, support, and celebrate civic engagement in America’s communities. The League’s senior fellows have decades of expertise in helping communities.

Some of the many topics our staff and senior fellows can assist with include market research, data collection, needs assessments, civic infrastructure scans, policy development and analysis, power mapping, health impact assessments, leadership coaching, internal and external equity assessments, racial equity strategic planning, project management, and program evaluation.

See the many qualifications of our staff and fellows here.

Over the next few months, we will be highlighting projects and services our senior fellows and staff have done and are ready to help your community with. We are excited to partner with you to create equitable and thriving communities across the country.

We know that no two communities are alike, and we can create a custom package suited just for your needs. Use this form or simply email us and let us know how we how we can assist your community.

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