Meet our Keynote Speakers and Jury Panel

71st Annual All-America City Awards

Join us for the 2020 All-America City Awards Event! The first ever virtual AAC will include community presentations to a panel of judges and workshops and roundtable discussions tackling issues such as health and well-being, racial equity, civic engagement, voting and much more. Additionally, registrants can access keynote speeches, virtual booths, community talent showcases and more.

2020 All-America City Keynote Speakers

This year’s keynote speakers will speak about the 2020 theme, enhancing health and well-being through civic engagement, as well as next year’s theme building equitable and resilient communities.

View the complete agenda for a schedule of keynote addresses and register here to attend the 71st All-America City Awards.

Learn more about our keynote speakers.

2020 All-America City Jury

The makeup of this year’s jury includes elected and appointed government officials, business and nonprofit leaders, as well as health, well-being and civic engagement professionals. Finalist communities will have 10 minutes to bring their applications to life and present the story of their work to this group of national civic experts, who will then have an opportunity to ask finalists questions about their applications and presentations for an additional ten minutes.

The jury will be looking for communities that have enhanced health and well-being through inclusive civic engagement. The judging criteria reflect the concept that good health for the entire community requires a focus on mental, physical, spiritual, cultural and economic well-being.


Jury Roster

*Angela Romans (Jury Foreperson)
Partner, AchieveMission 

James A. Cloar
Chair, Tampa Housing Authority

Maia Comeau
Founding Executive Director, Keepers of the Commons 

Barbara Halliday
Mayor, City of Hayward, CA 

Alicia Lara
Senior Vice President, United Way Worldwide 

Peggy Merriss
Retired City Manager Decatur, GA
CEO, Merriss Management & Leadership Consulting 

Carolyne Miller Abdullah
Senior Director, Strengthening Democratic Capacity, Everyday Democracy 

Bobby Milstein
Director of System Strategy, ReThink Health and Rippel Foundation
Visiting Scientist, MIT Sloan School of Management

Monte Roulier
Co-Founder and President, Community Initiatives

Donnie R. Tuck
Mayor, City of Hampton, VA

Mark West
Councilmember, City of Imperial Beach, CA

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