Derek Okubo: Infusing Equity and Human Rights into Strategic Planning Efforts

Currently, the League is actively engaged in Sioux Falls, SD, spearheading a comprehensive community development planning initiative. Leading this endeavor is senior fellow Derek Okubo. In close partnership with the City of Sioux Falls, two local foundations, and the economic development organization Forward Sioux Falls, the League is orchestrating the formulation of a vision and strategy for future community development. This entails revitalizing the downtown area, overseeing the expansion of both the fairgrounds and airport, and other projects to help the community thrive.

Derek has a rich history with the League, having served in various capacities such as Senior Vice President and completing three terms on the Board of Directors. Throughout his tenure, Derek has been instrumental in spearheading over 70 community assistance projects across the country.

Equity and human rights are at the core of Derek’s work including overseeing the offices of Aging, Anti-discrimination, Disability Rights, Immigrant and Refugee Affairs, and Sign Language Services amongst others for the City and County of Denver.

With over three decades of experience working in nonprofit and government, Derek is well adept in collaborating and initiating mutually beneficial community partnerships. Derek’s decades of strategic planning work have always been rooted in equity and human rights. As head of Denver’s Agency for Human Rights and Community Partnerships, a unit of the municipal government that traces its history back to 1947, Derek worked to make Denver more welcoming and equitable for all who call it home.

The League and our team of senior fellows offer national expertise to bolster local initiatives in community engagement. Our focus is on fostering actionable strategies and delivering impactful results in various domains, including strategic planning, community development, equity, and inclusive belonging.

Read more about our civic assistance offerings to see how Derek and our other senior fellows and staff can help your community. Email us at [email protected] if you’re interested in working with Derek and the League. 

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