2024 All-America City – Saginaw, TX

Saginaw, situated in the rapidly expanding Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, has a rich history dating back to its settlement in 1882 by the Thurmond family. The establishment of a local railway stop in the late 1800s spurred industrial growth, particularly in grain storage and milling. Today, Saginaw is home to the world’s largest grain storage facility. 

Officially incorporated in 1949 with 1,700 residents, Saginaw has since grown to about 25,000, with projections estimating a population of 35,000 by 2040. This growth has brought diverse age groups, ethnicities, and educational backgrounds to the city, resulting in significant commercial, residential, and industrial development, necessitating resident engagement to develop a shared vision for the future. 

Saginaw has prioritized community engagement, utilizing initiatives like the Citizen Bond Committee to involve residents in decision-making processes and aligning city services with community values. These efforts have led to the development of new amenities such as restaurants, parks, and community facilities. 

Saginaw Public Library Adult Education Program 

The Saginaw Public Library’s Adult Education Program enriches the Saginaw community by providing a free, diversified, and accessible educational program for adults. Staff and volunteers leverage diverse talents to cater to individual learner needs, promoting inclusivity and cultural awareness. The program offers classes and tutoring in adult literacy, English as a second language, GED preparation, U.S. citizenship preparation, and basic Spanish.  

Online and in-person offerings ensure flexibility and accessibility for all learners. Collaboration with local schools and businesses enhances resources and outreach, while community events celebrate cultural diversity and foster dialogue.  

The program’s success is evident in its growing enrollment, with representation from an expanding array of countries and demographics. Notable achievements include presentations at statewide symposiums and media recognition for the program’s impact.  

The program’s impact extends beyond individual learners, shaping the broader community by empowering residents to pursue education and contribute to the community’s progress. The forthcoming new library building promises expanded opportunities and resources, signaling a bright future for continued growth and community engagement. 

Garage Gab Program 

The Saginaw Comprehensive Plan prioritized continuous engagement to inform residents about new developments and educate them about the city. Traditional Town Hall Meetings, while valuable traditional engagement mechanisms, presented accessibility and inclusivity challenges. In response, Saginaw introduced the “Garage Gab” program. 

The Garage Gab program brings community engagement directly to residents’ driveways, fostering genuine conversations and feedback in a familiar setting. By bypassing traditional town hall meetings, Saginaw aims to meet people where they are, enhancing the quality of interaction and sense of community. Residents can host Garage Gab meetings by signing up online or calling the city, providing a platform for candid discussions and promptly addressing neighborhood concerns. 

This approach has led to tangible improvements, with issues like missing street signs and park maintenance being swiftly resolved based on resident input. The program has also strengthened bonds among residents, elected officials, and city staff. 

Additionally, Garage Gabs serve as recruitment opportunities, raising awareness of city jobs and attracting potential applicants. Neighbors involved in Garage Gabs become advocates for accurate city information and community cooperation. 

Looking ahead, Saginaw plans to expand Garage Gabs to historically underrepresented communities, including Spanish-speaking residents and those living in apartments, to ensure diverse voices are heard in decision-making processes.  

EMS-ISD & City of Saginaw Collaboration  

Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District (EMS-ISD) and the City of Saginaw have established dynamic collaborations to enhance educational opportunities, foster community engagement, and support economic development initiatives. Through strategic partnerships with various city departments and organizations, EMS-ISD leverages collective resources and expertise to meet the diverse needs of students, families, and the broader community. 

EMS-ISD collaborates with the city administration on initiatives such as the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council, which allows students to actively participate in civic affairs and community projects, and the Student Apprenticeship Program, providing summer apprenticeship employment for students to learn about local government jobs. 

The collaboration extends to the Saginaw Library, where EMS-ISD’s annual cultural events highlight students’ cultural heritage and diversity. Additionally, EMS-ISD facilitates collaboration with retired faculty, who contribute valuable knowledge and resources to support academic programs and initiatives. Many retired educators volunteer in Saginaw Library’s Adult Education GED classes. 

EMS-ISD recognizes the importance of planning not only educational goals but also infrastructure. Specifically, the Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee evaluates strategies and priorities to meet Saginaw’s growing population needs. By engaging stakeholders through meetings, surveys, and forums, the committee promotes transparency and community ownership, recently recommending a $659.1 million multi-proposition school bond election for November that focuses on safety, growth, facility maintenance, and equitable learning environments. 

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