2021 ASPA Annual Conference

The American Society for Public Administration invites you to attend its 2021 Annual Conference online April 9-15. Recent months have provided the public sector around the world with serious crises to solve and tested our abilities to do so: COVID-19, protests against social injustices and economic decline have all become top priorities. Meanwhile, long-standing challenges like climate change, transportation, infrastructure, water quality and global unrest have continued to simmer, requiring attention with much more limited resources. What does our future look like and how do we begin to recover and work toward a post-COVID-19 world?

ASPA’s 2021 Annual Conference will delve into the most pressing topics affecting our profession and provide space for new solutions. Featuring seven days of content, across 56 hours of programming, including more than 150 panels, this year's conference will bring you everything you have come to know and love about ASPA's Annual Conference—in a convenient, online format – for only $175 (students pay only $50)! Visit www.aspanet.org/annualconference for more details.  

You'll also be able to attend a session—Enhancing Resilience and Racial Equity through Civic Capital—featuring National Civic League President, Doug Linkhart. This workshop will help cities be more equitable and resilient to epidemics, disasters and chronic stresses by strengthening their civic capital—the relationships, networks and capacities communities use to make decisions and solve problems. We will showcase the experience of two communities and provide concrete examples from many other cities to illustrate how strong civic capital has contributed to racial equity and resilience during the COVID 19 pandemic, police shootings and other challenges. Speakers will include Derek Okubo, Executive Director, Agency for Human Rights and Community Partnerships, City/County of Denver, who will talk about the city’s resilience and equity work in the face of police shootings, Nicole Ferrini, Chief Resilience Officer, City of El Paso, who will talk about her city’s resilience during the COVID 19 pandemic and special efforts to reduce disparities in the disease's impact on different populations, and Skot Welch, Principal/Founder of Global Bridgebuilders, who will describe efforts by various cities regarding racial equity and community-building. The panel will be moderated by League President Doug Linkhart, who will provide a brief overview of the key ingredients of civic capital.

Visit www.aspanet.org/annualconference for more details.  

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