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Local Efforts to Achieve Racial Equity

Myeta Moon, Director of Health at United Way Worldwide; Ali Haigh, President and CEO of the United Way of Racine County; and Aiden Sanders, Excelerate Success Program Director and Rowena Pineda, Director of Community Collaborations and Equity at the United Way of Spokane County joined us to talk about how their communities are working towards racial equity.


Building Resilient and Sustainable Cities

David Abell Manager, Manager of LEED for Cities & Communities; Marco Velotta, Office of Sustainability, Las Vegas , NV; and Jasmin Moore, Sustainability Director, Lawrence, KS spoke about how the LEED for Cities and Communities program is being used to focus local sustainability efforts.


Improving Equity and Resilience by Reducing Social Isolation

Presenters discussed recommendations to address the growing problem of social isolation.


Integrating Immigrants into Civic Life

This webinar featured Welcoming America and two communities empowering immigrant leaders. Attendees learned about the innovative ways nonprofits, city and county governments are including and welcoming immigrants in all areas of civic, social, and economic life.


Addressing Historic Inequities through Police Reform

Hear about recent reforms police departments have been implementing to improve public safety and build trust.


Social Distancing Meets Public Engagement

Wendy Willis, Executive Director of the Deliberative Democracy Consortium, and Larry Schooler, Director of Consensus Building and Community Engagement, CD&P showcase strategies for virtual public engagement in this time of social isolation.

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