Mapping America’s Healthy Democracy Ecosystem

The League is getting close to the public launch of Healthy Democracy Ecosystem Map, and we would like your help in ensuring that our data is as complete and accurate as possible! Please help us make sure that your democracy-strengthening organization, and others you work with or support, are all on the Map.

The Map will provide the first comprehensive look at the universe of organizations promoting healthy democracy in America. The dataset includes groups working on a wide range of priorities: service and volunteerism, civic education, voter engagement, civic media, deliberation and participation, electoral reform, organizing, bridge-building, and civic technology.

We are still adding organizations and verifying data. For many organizations, we have not been able to find websites or other links to show that the group is still active. Others do not fit the Map criteria and will soon be taken off. Some of the organizations are ‘parent organizations’ like governments or universities that host initiatives, institutes, centers, or other democracy-strengthening efforts; both types will be in the dataset, but the ones visible on the map will be organizations or other groups that are focused mainly on some kind of healthy democracy work.

Here is the alphabetized list: It only includes part of the full dataset. Please take a look and let us know if there are groups we have missed or not been able to verify.

You can use this basic form to give us information on a particular organization. (You can also email us at [email protected] if you have questions or suggestions.)

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