Advancing Equity in Development and Beyond

April 28, 2024

With funding from NextFifty, the League and Senior Fellow Lindsay Miller recently completed a project, “Enhancing the Equity and Inclusiveness of Age-friendly Initiatives,” which helped communities in Colorado add a...

Navigating Modern Community Challenges: Disaster Relief and Affordable Housing

January 29, 2024

Communities across the country are facing a multitude of pressing issues, with two of the most prominent being disaster mitigation and relief, as well as housing. As natural disasters become...

Uniting Voices, Building Resilience: The Power of Engagement

December 22, 2023

Cultivating community consensus is a central objective of public engagement. Beyond its customary role in future planning, civic engagement and mediation skills are also vital in the wake of local...

Strengthen Democracy with a Tax-Deductible, End of Year Gift

December 1, 2023

As the National Civic League works to strengthen democracy and create a better future for America’s communities, we are asking for your financial support. We understand that giving is a...

Incorporating Equity in Public Health & Community Development

October 30, 2023

Two recent projects in the Denver area show how equity can be woven into land use and health activities. Gretchen Armijo, one of the League’s Senior Fellows, recently partnered with...

Senior Fellows Enhance League’s Expertise

September 29, 2023

National Civic League is home to 10 senior fellows with diverse expertise who are available to contract with your community, city, business, or organization to bring you to that next...

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