Welcome to the 2020 All-America City Awards Virtual Platform

Welcome to the 2020 All-America City Award Virtual Event!

Mayor Michael B. Hancock
Welcome Letter


Governor Jared Polis
Welcome Letter

This year’s finalists are being recognized for “Enhancing health and well-being through civic engagement.”

2020 All-America City Award Finalists
in alphabetical order by city
Algoma, WI
Danville, VA
Douglasville, GA
El Paso, TX
Franklin, TN
Harlingen, TX
Hopkinsville, KY
Logansport, IN
Mason City, IA
Miami Gardens, FL
Miami Lakes, FL
Muncie, IN
Pitt County, NC
Portsmouth, OH
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Roanoke, VA
Rochester, NY
Sumter, SC

These finalists will be presenting their work to a jury of nationally recognized civic leaders. View the complete presentation schedule or navigate to the ‘agenda’ tab of the event platform.  

Download the 2021 All-America City Award Application

About the Event

This year’s virtual event will include community presentations, informative workshops, inspiring speakers, interactive booths and entertaining talent showcases from across the country. Navigate along the event platform menu to access offerings or download the event program.

All workshops and speeches will take place over zoom, with specific access instructions found in the agenda. You can watch the presentations live-streamed on Facebook. Email aac@ncl.org if you experience any difficulties joining a session.

Keynote Speakers

  • Rev. Alvin Herring
    Executive Director
    Faith in Action

  • Bechara Choucair, MD
    Senior VP & Chief Health Officer
    Kaiser Permanente

  • Tyler Norris
    Chief Executive
    Well Being Trust

2021 Award

Building Equitable and Resilient Communities 

The 2021 All-America City Awards will recognize communities that have worked to improve equity and resilience. Equity is the fabric that allows communities to achieve broad-based economic prosperity and other goals. Resilience enables communities to face challenging times by not only preserving what makes their community great but adapting and growing stronger. Inclusive civic engagement is a key ingredient in communities that have these two qualities. 

The need for equity and resilience has become more obvious in 2020, as communities have dealt with a global pandemic and racial bias incidents in law enforcement. Those communities with more equity and resilience have been more successful in combatting the pandemic and making the needed changes to improve the racial equity of law enforcement and other city services. 

All-America City applicants for 2021 will be asked to discuss the strength of their civic capital—the formal and informal relationships, networks and capacities they use to make decisions and solve problems—and to provide examples of community-driven projects that have adapted and transformed the community to be more equitable and resilient. Projects adhering to this year’s theme include (but are not limited to) those that: 

  • promote racial healing and equity
  • expand the role of residents in disaster preparedness and recovery
  • enhance equity in the community’s COVID-19 response
  • reform law enforcement to improve racial equity
  • engage the community in work to prevent climate change
  • create more civic capacity through leadership or communication programs
  • promote community dialogue through civility
  • improve mental health and trauma systems
  • further educational equity
  • create affordable and safe housing
  • reduce poverty
  • increase job readiness and employment
  • reform criminal justice systems
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