The All-America City Award recognizes communities that leverage civic engagement, collaboration, inclusiveness and innovation to successfully address local issues.

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Announcing This Years' Finalists! These 20 communities get the chance to be named an All-America City!

2019 Finalists

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2019 All-America City Award Finalists

in alphabetical order by city

Battle Creek, Michigan
Battle Creek is addressing its community needs by developing programs such as: Operation Fit to combat childhood obesity; CIT program to train officers on mental health; and the School Behavioral Health Collaborative, which supports the social and emotional well-being of children.

Read the summary of Battle Creek’s 2019 AAC application.

Clinton, North Carolina
Clinton is improving lives by: creating a safe park & improving community-police relations; addressing food deserts and childhood obesity with school gardens; and providing a healthy environment through the Smithfield Foods Community Partnership.

Read the summary of Clinton’s 2019 AAC application.

Cornelius, Oregon
Cornelius has responded to changing demographics by bringing residents together to: enhance economic development through a comprehensive downtown redevelopment plan; construct a new library and learning center; and reform its police department.

Read the summary of Cornelius’ 2019 AAC application.

Doral, Florida
Doral is becoming a great place to live, work, learn and play with the help of: the community health challenge, Step Up Your Health, Doral!; a Park System Master Plan; and innovative traffic relief efforts.

Read the summary of Doral’s 2019 AAC application.

Dubuque, Iowa
Dubuque strives to be a resilient, equitable community of choice. It does so through several health initiatives designed to give health care to all; the Bee Branch Watershed Flood Mitigation Project; and Dubuque Eats Well—a series of healthy food initiatives.

Read the summary of Dubuque’s 2019 AAC application.

Edinburg, Texas
To support a healthy, safe and vibrant city, Edinburg: promotes fitness through the All-America City David Chavana 10K and Fun Run; mitigates flooding through a community-supported drainage project; and enlivens downtown with several festivals.

Read the summary of Edinburg’s 2019 AAC application.

El Paso, Texas
El Paso is improving the health of residents through its workplace wellness program, immunizations and health screening for underserved populations and additional parks, green spaces and friendlier walking environments.

Read the summary of El Paso’s 2019 AAC application.

Gothenburg, Nebraska
“The Gothenburg Way” places the needs of the community first and has resulted in: a new YMCA recreational facility; food access initiatives for low-income residents, children and seniors; and the Gothenburg Early Childhood Learning Coalition.

Read the summary of Gothenburg’s 2019 AAC application.

Hallandale Beach, Florida
Hallandale Beach provides residents with a fun, active and safe community environment through the improvement of local parks, a state-of-the-art fire station and fire department and innovative transportation initiatives to ensure children get to school safely.

Read the summary of Hallandale Beach’s 2019 AAC application.

Lancaster, Texas
Lancaster uses civic engagement and robust communications to address community health concerns through: the development of new and improvement of existing parks; a community health challenge with runs, walks and health fairs; and a robust workplace wellness program.

Read the summary of Lancaster’s 2019 AAC application.

Livingston County, New York
Livingston County addresses challenges of remoteness through: Be Well LivINgston—promotes healthy lifestyles; Connect LivINgston—assesses and improves transportation options; and Empower LivINgston—aligns community resources to meet inmate’s needs pre and post release.

Read the summary of Livingston County’s 2019 AAC application.

Mission, Texas
Mission brings its diverse populace together by offering: a free tennis program to low-income residents and the visually impaired; economic empowerment projects that offer training, grants and internships; and a food and service center for people living in poverty.

Read the summary of Mission’s 2019 AAC application.

Ontario, California
Ontario addresses health & wellness disparities with initiatives such as: Health Hubs—residents discuss challenges & participate in trainings; Community Clinical Health Workers—collect data & provide services; & Promise Scholars—offers free/discounted access to college.

Read the summary of Ontario’s 2019 AAC application.

Pasco, Washington
Pasco addresses various health issues via: Hot Spotters—develops service plans for residents with mental health issues; New Horizons H.S.—provides students with children, access to childcare; and a program offering fitness and cooking classes to pre-diabetic individuals.

Read the summary of Pasco’s 2019 AAC application.

Rancho Cordova, California
Rancho Cordova helps residents Eat.Stay.Love. through: Soil Born Farms—turns urban residents into farmers and teaches good nutrition; a mentorship and community service program for at-risk youth; and Mather Veterans Village—a housing community for homeless veterans.

Read the summary of Rancho Cordova’s 2019 AAC application.

Rock Hill, South Carolina
Rock Hill gets the entire community involved: Impact York County—a coalition that collaborates to maximize the effectiveness of county-wide health interventions; Miracle Park—a park designed for people with special needs; and Knowledge Park—a downtown revitalization action plan.

Read the summary of Rock Hill’s 2019 AAC application.

San Antonio, Texas
San Antonio embraces diversity and addresses inequalities: The End Stigma End HIV Alliance offers peer mentorship and education to stop HIV stigma; Immigration and Faith Based Initiatives improve the lives of communities in need; and SA Speak Up engages underserved populations.

Read the summary of San Antonio’s 2019 AAC application.

Sumter, South Carolina
Sumter bounced back from the recession by: repurposing abandoned buildings into training facilities; providing internships, training and mentors to those entering the workforce; and offering service members and their families with job training, placement and housing.

Read the summary of Sumter’s 2019 AAC application.

West Hollywood, California
West Hollywood embraces the marginalized. The Russian speaking population is engaged through an advisory board & cultural events; One City One Pride Festival offers cultural & social activities celebrating the LGBTQ community; & the homeless population is provided housing, health care & economic empowerment services.

Read the summary of West Hollywood’s 2019 AAC application.

Wichita, Kansas
Wichita is dedicated to improving residents’ lives. The police department made reforms in response to criticism; The Food Policy Committee increases access to healthy foods and encourages healthy eating; and League 42 introduces inner-city youth to baseball and mentorships.

Read the summary of Wichita’s 2019 AAC application.


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The All-America City awards are an awards ceremony and networking event unlike any other! Through concrete examples, interactive discussions, and finalist presentations – you will walk away with the knowledge, skills, contacts, and inspiration you need to better strengthen your community.

The award, given to 10 communities each year, celebrates and recognizes neighborhoods, villages, towns, cities, counties, tribes and regions that engage residents in innovative, inclusive and effective efforts to tackle critical challenges.

These finalist communities are building local capacity to solve problems and improve their quality of life. The National Civic League is honored to recognize these communities, and views their efforts as critical in addressing the challenge to communities issued by the 1968 Kerner Commission, ‘to make good the promises of American democracy to all citizens – urban and rural, white, black, Spanish surname, American Indians, and every minority group.'” – The National Civic League’s President, Doug Linkhart

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