Mayor Hancock's Remarks on AAC and My Brother's Keeper

Mayor Hancock

As Chair of the Board of the National Civic League, I am pleased to announce NCL’s alliance with the White House’s My Brother’s Keeper.  This year’s All-America City Award is spotlighting community initiatives supporting and engaging vulnerable boys and young men of color.   Each year, NCL through its flagship effort - the All-America City Award shines a light on the most innovative, effective, impactful and powerful efforts in America’s communities and helps us to see what we can do when we engage our citizens and take action. This year’s focus – on work that engages and support young men and boys is near and dear to my heart, and fits perfectly with the work of the My Brother’s Keeper initiative.

As part of the My Brother’s Keeper taskforce, I am fortunate to learn of the incredible work taking place in your communities.  It is inspiring and humbling to hear your stories. The work we are doing together to support young men of color is work worthy of greater recognition, it is work that needs to be highlighted and shared so others can learn and be inspired – and that’s what the All-America City Award does – it shines a light on work like yours inspiring others to follow your lead.

I am asking you – encouraging you – to share the story of your work with others, to inspire others, to connect with others.  Please consider applying for the All-America City Award so that your work can inform, inspire and enable others to take action. Applications are due in March then in June, finalists we will gather in my city – Denver – to celebrate the winners of the All-America City Award. Tell the nation about your journey, your progress and vision