Facilitation Services

How NCL’s facilitation services can help you:

Develop Your Community/Organization Vision and Action Plan

Hire NCL to help you dream, create a shared vision, and a specific and achievable action plan. NCL has experienced, talented amazing facilitators who know how to ask the right questions. NCL has worked with communities, public and nonprofit organizations, and philanthropies in short-term and long-term projects that result in plans with win-win solutions and far-reaching results. Learn more about our strategic planning process. For more information email AAC @ncl.org

Achieve Tangible Results on Difficult Issues

Engage NCL to help you think through issues, barriers to progress, plan, and help you implement your plan. Whether you are conducting transportation oriented development or seeking community engagement on developing budget priorities, NCL has skilled staff to help.

Have an Important and Productive Dialogue

Ask NCL to help you have an important one-day or long-term dialogue on issues such as immigrant integration, racial equity, leadership development, and other issues. Sometimes you need a smart, well-respected, facilitator who can help you focus on the right issues and not skirt the difficult questions. Connect to others who have developed guides and practices that can be used for small or large dialogues.

Build Your Capacity to Include Residents in Key Discussions

Hire NCL knowledgeable and skill staff to coach you in how to engage the broad diversity of members of your community in important discussions.

Be an Effective and Accountable Government

Use NCL’s Model City Charter (now in the 8th edition) as a resource. It has provided critical guidance to cities and counties wanting to create a new charter or when revising their charter. Also, NCL can also connect you to experts on charters and charter commissions. A must read before you begin the charter process is the popular Guide for Charter Commissions. Call NCL  - 303-571-4343 when you have questions about charters, charter commissions, and forms of government.