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NCL AA Convo BannerAll-America Conversations


In January 2017, the National Civic League launched All-America Conversations to demonstrate that locally, we are still able to work together across dividing lines to create stronger, more equitable communities.

Communities that host All-America Conversations will:

  • Better understand residents' aspirations for the community
  • Learn how residents talk about and see community challenges and divisions
  • Gain clear insight into what small actions would give people confidence that we can work together across dividing lines
  • Help residents engage with one another in a productive conversation
  • Demonstrate a commitment to inclusive engagement
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RWJF_Logo_Support_LockUp_CMYKRWJF- National Civic League Health Equity Award

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Award for Health Equity presented by the National Civic League (RWJF-National Civic League Award) recognizes and honors individuals that have successfully implemented a systems change approach within the past two years to improve health outcomes for those most impacted by health disparities. It often takes a community or multiple groups to bring about systemic change.  This Award celebrates those individuals who are leading the charge in helping to create a culture of health in their communities.

In addition to national recognition at the National Civic League’s annual All-America City Award and an invitation to participate in Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s yearly Health Equity Award annual learning and recognition event winners will receive a $3,000.00 prize.

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gladstone-logoResident-Led Strategic Planning


The residents of Gladstone, Missouri, with support from National Civic League came together to create a new vision for their community. Gladstone: Shaping Our Future puts forth the communities priorities in several key areas, provides a clear strategy for execution and sets the stage for implementation.  All led by residents.


Download the Gladstone:Shaping Our Future (low resolution)

Download Gladstone: Shaping Our Future (high resolution)


For the past 25 years, National Civic League has facilitated visioning and strategic planning processes in hundreds of communities nationwide. NCL’s expertise helps local governments and institutions engage and involve community stakeholders in sustainable and inclusive processes with tangible outcomes, feasible action plans, and appropriate implementation strategies. The ability to ensure that participants in any strategic planning effort are representative and diverse in a variety of ways and of the broader community is one of our key strengths. Our expertise helps design and implement public engagement processes that lead to enhanced resident knowledge, input and buy-in and ongoing participation through newly formed networks across the community.