All-America City Benefits

Peer learning and networking

All-America City competition brings together high achieving communities to discuss the innovative ways they are addressing long-standing municipal problems.  These communities are exposed to new ideas, especially around the spotlighted topic, and take on these new challenges back home by bolstering current programs and creating new ones to fill the existing gaps. After the competition, communities are able to continue the learning exchange through conference calls, regional forums and electronic city updates.  All-America Cities are national models, inspiring others who face similar critical challenges.

the real benefit [of the competition] as a community was to go to Denver and see the great things other communities are doing and network locally and regionally. That’s an asset that will serve us well into the future.(Michigan Municipal League magazine)
Kyle Whitney, Assistant City Manager, Marquette, Michigan

Increased Economic Opportunities

All-America City finalists and winners receive national attention, a boost for recruitment of industry, jobs and investments. The All-America City status has helped winners attract new and retain businesses that mean jobs and a stronger tax base. Winners have also seen an increase in tourism and grants.

All-America City Award “helped us land a BIG project in the midst of major economic recession in 2009/2010. IBM located their first data center in 10-15 years in downtown Dubuque and created 1300 new jobs with an annual payroll of 58 million! We feel truly blessed.” Cynthia comments on their continued economic success, “In 2013 Forbes ranked us 14th in the nation for Best small places for Business and Careers. Last year we had a job growth of 1200 new jobs, that represented 9.38% of the state's total job creation even though we are only 3% of the states total population and according to Site Selection Magazine we are tied for #1 in the US for Metro areas under 200,000 in population. This recruitment recognition and ability to grow employment in our community are a testament to our AAC award and what that award stands for in terms of a community's can-do spirit”.
Cynthia Steinhauser, Assistant City Manager, Dubuque, Iowa (2007,2012, 2013 All-America City