All-America City 2016 - Workshops

AAC is proud to provide several incredible workshops for participants. Workshops take place simultaneously on Friday, June 17th from 10:30am – 12:00pm in various locations within the hotel.

AAC Promising Practices with presentation by Somerville, Massachusetts Teen Empowerment Program

Since 1992, The Center for Teen Empowerment (TE) has been empowering youth and adults as agents of positive individual, social, and institutional change. Teen Empowerment’s asset-based, youth organizing model employs young people as leaders of social change. Rather than viewing youth as “the problem” or as just service recipients, TE sees youth as essential partners with adults in solving the issues plaguing our cities. The TE model encourages youth to direct their energy in positive, constructive ways, and recognizes that youth are best positioned to reach the hearts and minds of their peers, encouraging them to turn from destructive behaviors toward positive community involvement. Youth also have the lived experiences and knowledge to best inform community leaders on the issues and policies that affect them. TE’s neighborhood-based employment model not only provides youth with a paid job, but an opportunity to use their unique talents, skills, and creativity to positively influence their peers and the public policy debate. Teen Empowerment youth organizers gain employment, communication, and various soft skills and increase their resiliency and civic engagement. Come learn about TE’s unique, interactive model and how it is used to build relationships between youth and police and students and teachers, as well as among youth of different neighborhoods and ethnic groups.
Gold Room on Mezzanine Level

Campaign for Grade-Level Reading: What's Working & What's Next

More than 200 communities across the United States are engaged in a collaborative campaign designed to increase by 100% the number of low-income children reading proficiently by the end of third grade in at least a dozen states by 2020. Join colleagues for a roundtable conversation about the roles civic leaders are playing in supporting measurable progress on outcomes for lowincome children in school readiness, school attendance, summer learning, and grade-level reading. Learn more about what's working, where, why, and how communities are reaching higher levels of success, sustainability, and scale in addressing this critical milestone.
Spruce Room on Mezzanine Level

The Great American Myth: A Poetic Debunking of the 3 Largest Myths About Minorities presented by Brandon Leake: Stockton, CA: Spoken Word Poet

Here in America it is no surprise to many that minorities across the board have been subjected to a multitude of injustices. Many of which have been extremely blatant, but the ones in which have most dangerously and effectively invaded our society are the more subtle myths regarding many of minorities and their personhood here in America. In this session we will be discussing the 3 largest myths that throughout the course of American History have disenfranchised and marginalized minorities here in America. We will be doing so by taking a thorough examination of media portrayal, political policy, and unwritten history regarding the American Narrative. While examining these aspects we will be using the creative platform of spoken word poetry to interactively and effectively demonstrate/portray these ideas, while addressing how we as a nation can move forward and correct the issue.
Silver Room on Mezzanine Level

Ending Racism and Transforming Our Society presented by Mike Wenger

Within Our Lifetime (WOL) is a nation-wide network of organizations and individuals committed to ending racism within our lifetime. It has launched a campaign to counteract implicit bias in communities across the country, and it is deeply involved with the Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation enterprise of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, which seeks to end the myth that there is hierarchy of human value based on superficial physical characteristics such as skin color and facial features. In this workshop we will envision what a society might look like if we abolished this racist myth, embraced our common humanity, and developed the capacity for each of us to see ourselves in one another.
Denver Room on Mezzanine Level